Youth initiatives becoming sustainable






“Youth initiatives becoming sustainable”




Project details

The participating entities: Barafunda(Portugal), AYPI(Bulgaria), Be International (Czech Republic), Permacultura Cantabria (Spain), Association Strive!(Croatia), VSL INCEPTUS (Lithuania), Stichting Etica da Terra(Netherlands), Club Active(Estonia), Intermediakt (Greece), and Asociatia Explorator(Romania) would like to improve their organisations’ competences, project design tools and international scope, hopefully being of inspiration for other partners, by learning about the Dragon Dreaming methodology.

The participating youth workers, after acquiring these innovative skills, will be able to apply them, in their daily youth work, improving, significantly, the quality of their organizations. At the same time, they will boost their motivation, broaden their curriculums and subsequently, will achieve the upgrading of their entities, providing new strategic visions.

The next objectives were followed, in order to design the project:

1- To acquire new skills for the development and implementation of new methods for designing collaborative, sustainable and creative projects.

2- The youth and the work of participating entities empowerment, by uplifting their employability level, participation and motivation, by new skills and tools transfer.

3- To encourage participating youth workers to engage in the training of their organizations’ economic and
organizational strategies.

Two participants from each participating entity will attend a training course about Dragon Dreaming, in Spain, during 10 days. It will be used a participative methodology, both for theoretical and practical sessions.

Entrepreneurial tools and skills will be provided to youth workers, together with other soft skills, like teamwork, alternative organizational and economic modalities and other instruments to boost their future projects’ quality.

Participating in this training course will be essential for youth workers and project coordinators who want to widen their motivation in innovative financing approaches and methodologies for project design.
Apart from the main course, several secondary activities will take place, so as to maximize and complement it:

-A carefully prepared dissemination campaign will be performed at all stages of the project. The channels used for this purpose will be mostly social networks. The actions undertaken in this process will be tailored specifically to captivate media and educational sectors attention.

-Internal workshop, organized and led by the course participants 1 month after the activity completion. The purpose of this is to further disseminate newly acquired tools and knowledge, so other staff members could also benefit from it; it will also be an opportunity for the organizations management to improve the entity by taking under consideration their employees ideas and suggestions.

-Upon the training completion, sending organizations Management will hold a meeting for their managers in order to propose organizational improvements after applying necessary strategic information.

-A follow-up meeting: 4 months before the project ends, the course participants and trainers will meet in order to
resolve possible problems or doubts regarding the Dragon Dreaming methodology which they already have implemented in the organizational structure.

-Quarterly Skype meetings: they will allow space for the participating entities to brainstorm new ideas and approaches regarding further collaboration.

It is important to note that the course participants will represent different levels of experience broadness; that is, for some of them will only start familiarizing with the Dragon Dreaming methodology, while others, involved with the project management will already be able to blend its elements with their daily work. Regardless of this, they will benefit equally from the course, given that it emphasizes teaching motivational and engaging techniques.

The Dragon Dreaming methodology users will benefit from it in numerous ways: young people will see their employability, as well as the social inclusion level, significantly improved, especially those of them who are disadvantaged in any way; they will benefit principally from the ´active listening´ tool. After completing the training their self-esteem and entrepreneurial spirit will expand. The entities need to find a way to fit their organizational models and offered activities into the changing, thus continuously presenting new challenges, modern society. Adapting to the new conditions and necessary modernization can be reached by working closely and learning from other organizations; it is crucial to receive training in order to comprehend alternative organizational and economic models.

Projects developed within the Dragon Dreaming framework are sustainable and applicable regarding all levels, such as economic, social and environmental ones. Societies which benefit from them are left with a positive mark on their internal structure.