Let’s beat unemployment together


“Let’s beat unemployment together”


Project details

The «Let’s beat unemployment together» project was an international youth exchange. The project took place from 24 to 31 March 2019 in Murzasichle.
The main goal of the project was to jointly counteract unemployment in the European Union countries, which is closely related to project participants and residents of the States participating in the project.

The intermediate goals were:

– creating a strong international relationship,
– creating new, up-to-date knowledge about Europe and its current state of young people entering the labor market and about the state of unemployment,
– tightening ties between countries by: breaking stereotypes and counteracting exclusion and intolerance and discrimination as both employees and European citizens.
– promote the true face of Europe and its people,
– mutual support, inspiration to act, seeking common solutions to the problem of unemployment or lack of access to it,
– acquiring the ability to cooperate at international level,
– getting to know other countries and cultures,
– promoting tolerance and openness to diversity,
– we gained new views on a number of aspects of life, i.e. tolerance, creating personal opinions, the ability to dialogue, the ability to cooperate, accepting the differences and personality of others,
– we gained CV writing skills and interviews

Participants came from the following countries: Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Slovakia and Lithuania. In total, 42 people aged 18-25 participated in the project.
Our actions was: non-formal and informal education. At each stage, we considered equal opportunities and experience of participants. There were workshops, productions, games and plays, presentations, intercultural evenings, interesting meetings on the subject of unemployment, prejudice, our similarities and differences, anti-discrimination, racism, xenophobia both in everyday life and while looking for a job. And we learned how to make more jobs.
We have gained intercultural, linguistic and professional competence. The project enabled us to increase tolerance and deepen our ability to take new initiatives. The summary of the project was the recording of a joint video clip motivating the action of the unemployed and to effectively search for their dream job. In addition, we have consolidated and extended fruitful cooperation with foreign partners.