“AddictEDucation” (2018-3-RO01-KA105-061359)

Project details

The Youth Association from Transylvania – Brasov Branch will organize a KA1 youth project with to mobility activities:

1 A seminar for 21, 3-3 youth workers aged 20+ from Romania, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Belgium organized in Brasov city, Romania, between 8-13 July, with travel on the 7 and 14, which will be followed by

2 A youth exchange hosted in the village of Cehetel, Romania for 35, 5-5 youth aged 18-26 from Romania, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Belgium out of which 20 youth with fewer opportunities (Youth from minorities, foster care, from poor families, rural areas and NEETs) supported by group leaders selected from the youth workers who attend the seminar.

The aim of the project is to
1 Allow 21 youth workers to learn from one another’s best practices regarding drug, alcohol, cigarette, relationship and internet addiction within a 6 daylong seminar.
2 Give the chance to these 21 youth workers to not only learn the theory about these 5 addictions but to also gain practical knowledge by delivering addiction identifying or preventive sessions to one another
3 Have a tangible and digital resource of at least 25 tools, methods and approaches that helps youth workers identify and prevent these 5 types of addictions
4 Create a safe environment where 35 young people and their 7 group leaders, including 20 youth with fewer opportunities (affected by addiction or coming from family settings affected by them and NEETs) have the opportunity within 8 days to acquire competences with regards to these 5 types of addiction
5 Empower these 35 young people by letting them express their feelings about these 5 addictions and raise awareness on them with the methodology of Digital Storytelling.
6 To create and strengthen 6 new partnerships among European entities that could act as disseminating ambassadors of a new line of efficient tools, methods and approaches that fight against addictions.

Beside the mobilities we will also organize well thought through preparation, follow up and dissemination activities to make sure that the toolkit and the digital storytelling movies reach a wide audience. The 56 direct participants of the seminar or of the youth exchange will receive support to reflect on their learning during their stay in Romania and will receive Youthpass Certificates.