The project MUZOLINGUA INTERNATIONAL was created to give the youth and adults from 4 countries opportunities to work together, get new skills and inspiration for international cooperation and be more employable in the creative sector. The project will be realized to give the participants a chance to get new knowledge on how to survive in the most difficult period for artists and performers during the pandemic. The partners decided to work together because each partner has something to offer and add to the partnership to make it a successful and beneficial lesson for all, the youth and adults working with youth, local societies, European heritage. The project is a response to a deep crisis of the creative sector in general and the need to be more adaptable to the new reality, eg. remote learning and creating rometely with the use of new online and digital tools. The project’s main focus will be on music and music production but it will also provide the participants with some other soft skills impossible to be achieved in formal education and without the international partnership.

The project will last 2 years. There are 4 international Music Capms planned in every partner country, 2 international meetings in 2021 and 2 in 2022. In a meantime the partners will have some tasks assigned to enhance the partnership and facilitate the learning process leading to achieving the same results by all. There are four partners involved in the partnership representing different areas and sectors, both private and public, which brings an added value to the partnership.





Music Camp in Poland

Infopack Music Camp Poland


Infopack Music Camp UK



more info coming soon…


  • FiśBanda ‘Kasza kipi, kasza wre’ (recorded during the Music Camp in Poland)

  • A Day In The Life by The Beatles (version created by participants of the Music Camp in Preston)

  • Song created by the Ukrainian Artist, Dymitro Tsyperdiuk, during the project