Make your dreams come true

“Make your dreams come true” (2018-1-IT02-KA104-047647)

Project details

This mobility is an innovative and motivating training course that is conducted in a unique educational environment. The name of the training course is ‘Dragon dreaming methodology for educational staff’. Dragon Dreaming is a course that is designed to improve project management skills, organisational capacity and international projection.
Entities of the consortium (THE CULTURE NET, COOPERATIVA SOCIALE I.SO.LA., ENNEA, CLUB UNESCO «RE ITALO», ORIEL, GIOVANI PER L’EUROPA) will have the opportunity to benefit from the following training goals: The acquisition of new skills to improve the motivation and participation of the adults with whom we work, as well as to improve their employability. Participants will discover new ways of designing creative and collaborative sustainable projects. This will also provide a strategic vision to staff that will enable us all to improve our organisations.
The Dragon Dreaming method provides tools to design economically viable and environmentally sustainable projects which is sure to inspire stakeholders. New competences will be acquired which will help to modernise their sending organisations and to improve the quality of their projects, motivating their learners to participate in their design.
Participants will take part in practical and theory sessions over the course of 10 days. Three participants from each consortium member will have the opportunity to learn how to design creative, collaborative and sustainable projects and organisations.
Dragon Dreaming teaches alternative organisational and economic and models and trains our trainers and managers in the Dragon Dreaming methodology for project design. The course aims to provide participants with valuable tools on group facilitation, inclusion and entrepreneurship.

In addition to the 10 day course, participants will also take part in a number of secondary activities which form a valuable part of the learning, implementation and dissemination process.
1. After returning from the course participants will share what they have learnt with their General Managers. This will give managers the opportunity to gather relevant information to create a strategy to implement organisational improvements and changes.
2. Participants will conduct an internal training workshop a month after their return so that other members of their organisation, who could not attend the course, will also benefit. Managers will also share documents that they have prepared regarding any organisational changes so that participants can contribute to it further.
3. Ten months later, when the dragon Dreaming technique has been implemented, participants will have a follow up meeting with the course facilitators by Skype to discuss any adjustments that may need to be made in order to meet their needs or resolve any doubts.
4. A quarterly Skype meeting will also be held by the participating entities both during and after the project to talk about new ways of collaborating and developing joint projects.
5. Social networks will be used to disseminate information throughout the project. Coordinated efforts will be made to attract interest educational entities and the media at a national level.

The training in alternative organisational and economic models and the organisational collaboration means that participants will be able to assess any operational and strategic changes that are necessary in the modernisation of their organisations. The methodology that they learn will enable them to adapt their activities to the challenges of today’s society.
Both the participants of the consortium organisation who were involved in the project design and new learners will learn to motivate and engage their students in all phases of the project.
Learning techniques such as active listening benefits their disadvantaged students by allowing their opinions to be taken more into account within the group. This will result in improved participation and motivation all round.

By employing the Dragon Dreaming technique with their students, trainers will contribute towards integrating their students into society and helping them to work in a team, they will encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and strengthen their self-esteem which will also lead to improving their employability and self-knowledge.
Participating entities will be able to assess new sources of financing and put it to use in the creation of high quality socially and environmentally sustainable projects.