Creating Entrepreneurs

“Creating Entrepreneurs”

Project details

The participating entities: CWP (UK), Euro-Net (IT), Nevo-Parudimos (RO), Permacultura Cantabria (ES), Walktogether (BG), Youth Services office at the Ministry for Gozo (MT), Meritum (PL), Gursu Municipality (TK), Barafunda (PT), Eko Centar Latinovac (HR) would be glad to improve their organizations competencies, project design tools and international reach with the expectation of be an inspirational source for others, through the knowledge of Dragon Dreaming methodology

Two members from each organization involved will participate in a training program about Dragon Dreaming, over a 10 day period in Spain. The course will use a cooperation style lesson plan, during both theoretical and experiential parts. Participants will be provided with new innovative tools and techniques. The program will also focus on other important attributes such as cooperation in a team environment, organization and economic modalities to help increase the quality of future company projects.

The participants youth workers, after achieved these innovative skills, will be able to apply those skills it in their daily work with youth, improving significantly the quality of their organizations. Meanwhile their motivation will enhance, they will amplify their study plans and later will boost their entities supplying new strategic visions.

Attending this skill building workshop will be key for youth workers and project managers who are motivated to widen their knowledge in financing and arrangement of project designs.

Besides the primary activities, the supporting tasks will function to broaden and compliment other new skills:

A well prepared diffusion theme will be applied throughout the training program. The main focus to achieve this will be through social media. The objective of this process will be to engage the attention of both the media and educational sections.

Internal business demonstrations will be carried out and led by course participants 1 month after the programs completion. This will help to further spread new ideas and tools to benefit other staff members. This chain effect of the program will give everyone involved in the participating entities the chance to improve their skills, and voice their opinions.

Once completed, the organizations will hold a meeting with their management team to discuss and arrange how these new strategic plans will be applied in the company.

Management meet and follow-up: 4 months before the project is finished, course attendees and trainers will discuss and resolve any problems or concerns regarding the Dragon Dreaming course, which has been already integrated into the organizations business structure.

Quarterly Skype Meetings: will allow for discussion of all participating organizations to bring forward new thoughts and ideas to further cooperation.

One of the key aspects of this program is that each participant will have different experiential backgrounds; some people will be more familiar with the Dragon Dreaming ideology, while others in project management may have the foundation to help implement the program directly into daily work. Each member will benefit equally from the course, despite their previous experiences as it focuses on intriguing and motivational techniques.

The Dragon Dreaming practice influences users in a variety of ways: increasing employability in youth, as well as social inclusion, especially for those who have difficulty in said areas. The primary skill will focus on the `active listening´tool. The completion of the course will higher self-esteem and other various aspects that are essential for a great entrepreneurial spirit.

The world is ever changing and advancing in the way we think and do things. Organizations need to be innovative and evolve and advance with the market, to continually keep up to date with the challenges of modern society. To do this it is important to work with other companies and entities striving to reach the same goals. Training and participating in new courses are key to be able to utilize new organization and economic models.

The Dragon Dreaming framework offers sustainable and applicable projects in all aspects such as economic, environmental, and social. This allows for positive advancements in the internal structure of organizations.

The following objectives were proposed to design the project :

1. To develop new skills for the growth and use of new methods for designing cooperative, sustainable and innovative projects.
2. Youngsters and the contribution of participating organizations are empowered, by elevating their employability, cooperation and inspiration, with new abilities and tools.
3. To motivate young workers to be involved in the training of their organizations´ financial and structural plans.